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May 18, 2018 - Recently there are many people asked me can I read Kindle books on Mac and how to. It is really a little a waste of time to answer these.

I love the design of the Kindle app for the Mac and use it to read books all the time. My question: Can I read PDF documents in the Kindle app too, and if so, how? It’s easy to forget that ‘s domination of the ebooks world with the includes not just a physical product line and apps that work great on iOS and Android tablets, but also Kindle apps that run on the Mac and Windows computer too.

Well, that’s apparently not quite as good but my guess is that most people running Linux are also toting an Android tablet or similar, so perhaps it’s not such a big deal. There’s a more fundamental feature in MacOS X that is your friend, however, and that’s what I want to highlight in this response: The “Open With” option. Knowing about this makes life so much easier, so you can choose between opening a graphic in a graphics editor or Web browser, for example, or a document in the creating app or a viewer. Sometimes the wrong app gets associated with a filetype too – like “Preview” for GIF images, rather than a graphics editor – so this will also help with that too. Let’s have a look!

First off, here’s my sample PDF document, the user’s guide for the: Double-click and it opens up in Preview, which is a surprisingly sophisticated PDF reader with lots of features: Quite good with Portable Document Format (PDF) docs, and the smart table of contents is hugely beneficial in navigating a big document like this user’s guide, which is 136 pages (as shown on the very top line). But you want to use the Kindle for Mac app instead. Instead of just double-clicking on the icon on your Desktop, use the Control-Click instead to pop up a context menu of options: It’s a bit confusing because the submenu slide out on the left side, not the right, but the main context menu is on the right and I choose “ Open With” which (after a moment or two, typically) brought up a list of all programs and applications on my system that can handle PDF documents. It’s a long list, even with some confusing duplication, but you can see that “ Kindle” showed up and is selected. That’s really all you have to do. The Mac will open up the Kindle for Mac application, then hand it the PDF. As you’d hope, you can now read the doc within the Kindle app itself: The Kindle app also understands the table of contents in this particular PDF, but be warned: Not every PDF has a TOC so you might just be going page to page to page to find specific content on your own PDF.

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Also an oddity: In Preview, the PDF was gauged to have 136 pages. In the Kindle app, however, it has 135 (shown on the very bottom of the image above). Where’d the missing page go?

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Probably just a layout artifact, but weird, eh? That’s the basics of using Open With on your Mac. Super useful. Want to permanently change the default app for a specific document type, though? You can do that too, as I explain in this tutorial:.

Pro Tip: While you’re here, please don’t miss our extensive. I’ve been writing how-to docs for Mac users for years and years.

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