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  • Moving Files Between the PC and the Mac. Here are guidelines to help you open files on different operating systems. Saving from a Word Processor.
  • Feb 17, 2013  When I start up my mac, my word, excel and powerpoint applications open as well. IMac, iOS 5.1. If you do, it will the first on a Mac. Comb your hair and put on a clean shirt, the paparazzi will be at your door soon. Question: Q: When I start up my mac, my word, excel and powerpoint applications open as well More Less.
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Why Does Word For Mac

Where Does Word For Mac Autosave

Why Does Word For Mac

A subscription to Office 365 Personal -- which includes Office 2016 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access -- for installation on one PC or Mac (plus one phone) is $70.

Hi, What is the OS X Version and what is the Word 2016 version? Please make sure both are the latest version and then check if this issue continues. Did you get any error message when it failed to save or save as? Does the issue occur when creating and saving a new file or only when editing and trying to save an existing file? Does this issue happen to other Office programs, such as Excel or PowerPoint?

In addition, some users were able to fix a similar issue via uninstalling and then reinstalling Office, you may also have try. Please let me know the result. Regards, Steve Fan TechNet Community Support Please mark the reply as an answer if you find it is helpful. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact.

OS X and Word are all latest versions with most current updates. No error messages, just doesn't save or save as. Sometimes it will give me a save pop-up when I close the document, but not always. It is both saving a new file and editing existing files. I tried to covert the documents before trying to save to see if that helped, it did not.

I don't use excel or powerpoint, but I tried them for this purpose and things saved fine. I literally just installed this program a month ago, I have already uninstalled and reinstalled. Still not working. Same problem. Happens intermittently, but resolves itself when I restart Word and the computer. At the moment, I have a document with lots of track changes and comments that isn't saving and I didn't realize it until hours later.

While I can restart the computer to get Word to cooperate again, I need a way to save this file before I do that. I can copy and paste it into TextEdit and save that way, but then I'll lose all of the track change and comments information. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Having the same problem with Word Version 15.36, and OS X Sierra 10.12.5. Clicking 'Save' or 'Save As' brings up the spinning color wheel while word freezes for about 30 seconds, then the app unfreezes, but nothing's saved and there's no Save As dialog box.

I was able to copy and paste my document into TextEdit, close Word (agreeing that I didn't want to save my work), then reopen Word, paste back into my document and save. Clearly a bug that's affecting a decent number of users, and has been for over 6-months. Just had the same issue—unable to save a document. I had made one successful save when I first created the document and there were only a few lines in it. When I was having trouble saving after that and when I was finished with the 2-page document, I checked Quick Look and only those original few lines were there.

I copied and pasted my entire document to an email to myself (I wasn't using Track Changes). Then quit Word. When I reopened Word, I selected File/Recents and opened the document. It was there in its entirety, apparently having been saved without my knowing. Now I've started a second document, did a Save As, then added to it, and then successfully used Save.

This is a problem I've had with Word for Mac for some time now. What I'd like to do is save some plain Japanese text from Word to a.txt file, so that I can easily use it in other applications. Text files have the advantage of being much smaller in size than other formats, since extraneous formatting data is not saved along with the file. Here are the steps I take: 1. Copy a block of text from Firefox and paste the text into Word 2008/2011, using the 'Keep text only' paste option. Using 'Save as.'

, select the '.txt' file format, and click 'Save'. In the file conversion dialog, select 'Other encoding' and 'Unicode 5.1-UTF8' and click OK. Close the file, and reopen the text file save in step 3 above in Word. Select 'Convert from - Unicode Text' in the dialog, and select 'Unicode 5.1-UTF' in the second options dialog. The Japanese text is 100% garbled and unreadable in this case when reading the text file back into Word, even though I had correctly selected Unicode during each step of the process. Ironically, however, other programs such as TextWrangler and TextEdit will properly open the text file without garbling the Japanese characters.

It's Word itself that is garbling the document. The only way that I can properly save files as text files in Japanese is to explicitly select 'Other encoding - Japanese (Mac OS)' or 'Other encoding - Japanese (Windows/DOS)' upon saving the file. However, when I load the same text file back in, I have to reload it using the Unicode setting.

There seems to be no way to set the default encoding in Word for either save or open. This all seems like a very roundabout, clumsy and non-intuitive way of simply saving the file in text format and reading it back in properly, which is all I want to do. I'm not sure of all of the data-crunching and manipulation that is going on behind the scenes with Word in this case, but I am wondering if there is a solution to make this problem easier. Thanks, Jeff. It looks to me as if you could only work easily with the Japanese (Mac OS) format if you have used the Office Language Register to select Japanese (or at least, not English). If you have English selected as the language, you can, I think, use VBA to save in the Japanese (Mac OS) format, but you cannot specify an encoding when you re-open the file in VBA, and the wrong encoding is used. However, I do not know what other effects using the Japanese option in the Language Register might have on your workflow.

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