Vova Oil Painted Design Laptop Case Cover For Mac

  1. Vova Oil Painted Design Laptop Case Cover For Macbook
  2. Vova Oil Painted Design Laptop Case Cover For Macbook Air

We’ve featured a lot of ways to customize your MacBook over the years, but this is the most beautiful and sophisticated option yet. It doesn’t put stickers or a case on your laptop to personalize it. Instead, it uses the MacBook backlight to illuminate an etched design that nobody else on the planet (or in that coffee shop you visit every week) will have. This will ensure that your laptop stands out in the sea of MacBooks that are everywhere these days. I didn’t realize until I read about this today that the light panel inside our MacBooks spans the entire back of the computer. That means there is a whole space on the backside of your laptop screen that is just screaming to be personalized. There is now a company that specializes in doing that, and when you see the pictures below, you’ll see why I’m so impressed by this process.

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Vova Oil Painted Design Laptop Case Cover For Macbook

The company is called, and it is the first company in the world that will take your laptop and etch your design into the back of the lid. Each time you turn on your laptop, the MacBook backlight will illuminate your unique design for everyone to see.

Vova oil painted design laptop case cover for macbook air

According to, “The Amsterdam based company Uncover had the insane idea to actually put their MacBook under a laser cutter and carve out beautiful, backlit designs. Now they make the laptops for acts like The XX and Massive Attack, and the CEOs of The Next Web and WeTransfer.” They have some standard designs if you don’t want to create a custom design, but either way, this process is pricey. It’s going to set you back between $350 – $950, depending on which one you choose. You can click over to the company website for more information. I never knew a MacBook backlight could be so gorgeous! Turn Your MacBook Backlight Into A Unique Work Of Art Via:.

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Vova Oil Painted Design Laptop Case Cover For Macbook Air

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