Tech 21 Sansamp Rbi Bass Drivers For Mac

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Tech 21 sansamp rbi bass drivers for macbook pro

Jun 10, 2015 - Origin Audio SansAmp Bass Driver DI Pack new Sansamp RBI profiles for bass guitar. Basically £10 for a collection of really lovely sounding.

What do you folks use to record a decent sounding bass guitar into PTLE? I can't use a real amp due to the noise so everything I do must be direct. I have a Digitech Genesis 3 that I use for guitar. I tried it on the bass with less than stellar results. I have also tried direct into the Digi001 and that sounds a little better but still not great.

Sansamp Bass Driver Di Settings

Is the Bass POD series worth the cash? How about the Tech 21 Sansamp RBI? I am about to purchase an FMR RNP and about that for direct bass? Any comments are appreciated. Joe, I posted a song on the HEAR it now post. I recently bought the SANS AMP RBI on a recommendation from a friend, and I tell ya!

Sansamp bass driver di

I have nothing but good to say about it. For the cost you get a well rounded sound, and a lot of variety to play with. The effects out it a nice feature. The Affected, and unaffected are very cool. XLR outs as well as TRS. It is well worth the cost. Here is that song that I posted.

I am pleased with it. If you can find one, try it out. I run mine into a patch bay and then into input 8 of the digi. Good luck, -Doc. Quote: i just have to say Tech 21 Sansamp RBI absolutely. I bought one the day it became available and haven't looked back. It sounds great with my MTD535.

Used Sansamp Bass Driver

Its big and ballsy. For smooth round bass sound i use my fretless fender through my focusrite voicemaster. Totally different sound than the RBI, but great. Its not ballsy, but its really smooth and well defined. Also, you could run your bass direct through the 001 pre and use the. Mess around with the british tube sound and play with the cab simulator. Sounds great.

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