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Which is the best affordable professional DJ controllers for iPad for you? Find out here. Which is the best affordable professional DJ controllers for iPad for you? Find out here. Take a few seconds and easily compare several top rated DJ controllers. Numark iDJ Live II DJ Controller for Mac, PC, iPad, or iPhone.

There’s nothing virtual about it—iDJ Live II gives you real DJ controls so you can mix your music with precision. Featuring an updated low-profile design and USB connectivity, iDJ Live II lets you perform your way. Connect to any iOS device or to your laptop computer and use it with your favorite DJ app and software.

Work the smooth crossfader, tweak the EQ knobs, spin the capacitive touch-activated platters, and hang on for the ride. With iDJ Live II, you can mix music on your Mac, PC, iPad, or iPhone. It’s up to you. A standard USB connection is included to connect to your Mac or PC laptop, and iDJ Live II also includes both 30-pin and Lightning™ cables for use with virtually any generation of iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Features:. Works with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, plus Mac and PC laptops Crossfader, EQ controls, and capacitive touch-activated platters Algoriddim’s djay LE software for Mac included Access and mix your iTunes library + 20 million songs via Spotify integration through Algoriddim’s djay 2® app (sold separately) Seamless integration with Algoriddim’s vjay® app (sold separately) Virtual DJ LE Lite for Mac and PC software included Headphone/speaker splitter cable and stand for iPad included USB bus-powered, no power adapter required.

If you’re looking for a DJ controller that is for beginners then the Numark iDJ Live II DJ Controller is one you can choose to get started as a dj. Its a controller turntable that is easy to setup and use unlike other controllers available in the market. The controller is built to allow you to use the device on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and laptop. If you are using this device on Mac then the light edition software will help you in installing it. The software will not work with the Ipad 1st generation and you need to have an Ipad version 2 or higher to get the maximum benefit from this controller. This Numark iDJ Live II DJ controller is designed for anyone who would like to be a professional DJ and although it has limited capabilities, it has 2 turntable platters that aspiring DJ’s can use the controller to learn the whole process of installing and operating a more sophisticated controller. The has basic controls like sync, cue, volume, bass, treble, pitch, etc and anyone can easily learn the advanced features of this controller by reading the manual that comes along with the controller.

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There is a crossfader, and also EQ controls. The touch activated platters are easy to use and responsive enough to allow you to mix seamlessly. You can create a variety of mixes by using the iDjay2 program that is included. The required cables are also included. If you are using this controller on your PC with windows 8.1 then you can also try using it along with Virtual DJ software to get your mixes to the next level.

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Numark Idj Live Ii


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The controller is USB powered, and all you do is plug it in, and its plug and play, it will be detected as soon as you plug it in. If your looking for another controller from Numark, you can checkout also this.

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