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Save your wine from expiring too soon. Several years ago, I was hanging out with some friends. It was the weekend and one of my girlfriends had purchased a bottle of wine and I decided to try some. It was a very mild red wine and it made me comfortable enough to try other wines when the opportunity arose.

  1. Popular Alternatives to Source Insight for Mac. Explore Mac apps like Source Insight, all suggested and ranked by the AlternativeTo user community.
  2. Nov 11, 2018  NOTE: Unofficial Wine binaries for macOS are available on the entry (compiled by Mike Kronenberg) and on the Darwine entry (compiled by the Darwine team). Running Windows applications on your Mac is not impossible and there are various solutions to.

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Mac Source Insight Wine For Mac

Every now and then it’s nice to relax with a chilled glass of red wine. The problem that ends up happening is that I have one or maybe two glasses of wine and then the remainder of the bottle spoils before I can enjoy it. That’s what Savino is designed for. Savino is a wine preservation system that keeps your wine fresher longer than if it stays in its original bottle. Essentially, Savino is a Tupperware container for your wine. It’s a resealable container that you can store wine in. Savino is made from two main parts – the carafe and the float.

The carafe is made out of flint glass, which is most commonly used to make optical lenses. It’s very transparent and incredibly tough. The float, which is designed to create a barrier between the wine and the air, is made from food-grade BPA-free plastic. The system should keep your wine fresh for up to one week, which is longer than the average 3-5 days for an opened bottle of wine. As I mentioned, I’m sort of a casual wine drinker. We don’t open a bottle a night, or even a week. That’s why this product is ideal in our household.

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We just like the occasionally glass. So, when it came to testing out Savino, I opened a bottle of red wine and after having a glass, I emptied the rest of the bottle into the Savino carafe. Now, when you first look at the carafe and the float, it’s a little perplexing how the two fit together.

The instructions tell you to turn the float on its side and slip it between the openings for the carafe’s lid locks. This actually works like a dream. The float slips right through. Once you have the float in the carafe, you lock the top on to limit the exposure of the wine to the air. After I had completed this transaction, I placed Savino in the refrigerator. It was two days before I took anther drink from that bottle of wine.

I have to admit that the wine seemed much fresher than it did from the bottle. I have been very impressed with the Savino and its preservation system. Savino is a very cool kitchen gadget and a remarkable product. It’s something that every wine aficionado should have. For more information, visit Find Savino on.

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