Lucidchart Free Download For Mac


Do you need to make a flowchart on Mac OS X? Top Flowchart Maker for Mac. Designing swimlanes, process maps, process flows, and standard flowcharts is effortless with our drag and drop technology. But you may have noticed there's no Visio for Mac. Professionals from every industry are moving to the cloud for their diagramming needs and Lucidchart is leading the way. Your project is always up to date because lucidchart are workings on your PC. Moreover, the SmartDraw is also Visio support not only MAC support. This software cuts the curve for making an appropriable diagram.

Lucidchart Free Download For Mac


This post is brought to you by Lucid Software, creator of Lucidchart. Does your organization have people in several remote locations who need to work on visual documents together? Now you can forget about e-mailing files, saving versions and all the related headaches: With Lucidchart, anyone can collaborate in real time to create charts in the cloud. And Mac users can get to work with Lucidchart at a fraction of the cost of Microsoft Visio. Lucidchart: diagrams done right is an online visual communications application that allows team members to sketch and share diagrams in real time. Its robust shape library includes ready-to-use templates like network diagrams, flowcharts, process maps, wireframes and more. Members of all your teams — from to to — will find the tools they need to work together quickly and efficiently.

Lucidchart’s straightforward, drag-and-drop functionality means all team members will be up and productive in no time. And its cloud-based collaborative features, including in-editor chat windows and group editing, mean multiple users can contribute to diagramming at once. There’s no software to install or update, because Lucidchart is built on HTML5 and Web standards. It works on any major browser or Internet-enabled device, providing an intuitive and truly collaborative diagramming solution for your entire organization, from HR and marketing to engineering. It is so user-friendly that there is virtually no learning curve, and it is always online and just a click away. Mac users in particular will love Lucidchart’s intuitive design — and its.

Lucidchart can import and export Visio files, so Mac users can collaborate with PC users stuck on Microsoft’s diagramming software. It also fully integrates with Google Apps and Drive, and you can securely and conveniently access documents from Confluence, JIRA and Jive as well. Lucidchart is also secure and dependable. All your data is encrypted, and Lucidchart is hosted from multiple secure servers. It’s a great cross-platform diagramming tool for enterprise-size companies that use both Mac and PC, and Lucidchart is much more affordable than. Single users can sign up for free,. Companies with five to 100 users can get Lucidchart with unlimited objects and 5GB storage space for as little as $21/month.

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