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Free Current version: 1.6.285, last update: 1 year ago First release: 18 Jun 2013 App size: 7.09 Mb HOBLink iWT Comfortable Remote Access with the iPad For secure, mobile access to centrally stored company data with the iPad, HOBLink iWT is the perfect companion. HOBLink iWT works regardless of the platform where data are stored: Windows Server with RDS, VDI, desktop PCs or even the cloud. One of the key advantages of HOBLink iWT is the ability to remotely wake up desktop PCs via the Wake-on-LAN function.

Not only does this make remote access comfortable but saves energy costs and supports green IT as well. A further advantage is that the central storage of company data and applications improves data security, reduces administration costs and allows for data to be more easily managed. Company resources are also optimally protected by modern authentication and encryption methods. Operation and Functionality HOBLink iWT is the HOB-owned, fully fledged RDP client for access to Windows Server with RDS, VDI and desktop PCs via the iPad. Thanks to the included load balancing function, server requests are optimally distributed to the existing hardware. Thus, resources are used ideally and the number of servers needed can possibly be reduced.

Hoblink Jwt For Mac

With the Java remote desktop client HOBLink JWT, users get flexible access to. RDP access to Windows apps from any platform (Windows, macOS, Linux).

With load balancing, the client automatically connects to the server with the least load. It is also possible to open several parallel RDP sessions.

  1. HOBLink JWT is a trademark of HOB GmbH & Co. Give Mac Users fast, Web-based Access to Windows Applications on Your Windows Terminal Servers.
  2. The Easy Print function, due to an error in the Apple JVM (MRJ) cannot be used on a MAC with OS 9 or older. HOBLink JWT is no longer supported for Mac OS 9.

HOBLink iWT allows users to quickly and securely access central company resources. No installation of additional server components, software or hardware on client-side is necessary. Simply download the app. HOBLink iWT offers full multi-touch handling and supports both portrait and landscape mode.

HOBLink iWT also offers a Windows keyboard including function keys. The particularly intuitive and easy handling enables you to work more comfortably and efficiently. Optional Products HOBLink iWT perfectly complements HOB Remote Desktop Virtual Private Network (HOB RD VPN) and the HOB WebSecureProxy. When HOBLink iWT and HOB RD VPN are combined, companies profit from the advantages of an SSL VPN when accessing Windows Server with RDS. The HOB VNC-Bridge in HOB RD VPN also allows secure and performant remote access to VNC server targets. Furthermore, HOBLink iWT can be used in combination with HOB MacGate and HOB X11Gate for remote access to Mac and Linux-based systems.

Hoblink jwt for windows

Security HOBLink iWT comes with many security features: several options for encrypting data communication are included and authentication options can be chosen according to oneĀ“s needs. Encryption Options Standard encryption of the remote desktop session host, optionally with low (client-server: 40-bit RC4), medium or high security level (bidirectional: 56-bit RC4 or 128-bit RC4). Proxy Server Previously configured SOCKS or HTTP proxies may be used as additional authentication means. Enhanced Security with HOB RD VPN If HOBLink iWT is used with HOB WebSecureProxy (HOB WSP) in HOB RD VPN, additional security features become available. HOB WSP acts as a security gateway between HOBLink iWT and the Windows Server farms. Communication between HOBLink iWT and HOB WSP is SSL/TLS encrypted.

Thus, Windows Server with RDS need not be accessible from the Internet and can be securely kept within the LAN behind the firewall. Optionally, user authentication via RSA SecurID, VASCO or RADIUS is available provided that these components are installed on the servers.

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