Error : Cannot Connect To Server With Citrix Receiver For Mac

  1. Citrix Receiver Unable To Connect

To clarify this issue I decided to write an article on how to fix unexpected disconnects with Citrix Receiver for Mac OSX. The issue the users are experiencing seemed to be caused by a new feature in OSX 10.9 called App Nap. Since Mac OS users can update there OS version to 10.12 (sierra), there are problems with the Citrix Receiver. When you connect with your storefront, you can login, but when you choose a desktop or app the Citrix Receiver stops with the following error: Initialization Failed, Contact your help desk for assistance. Uninstall your current version of Citrix Receiver and install the latest version available: Uninstall the Citrix Receiver for Blackbaud Hosting Services.

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After some Windows updates yesterday on a few Citrix servers. The following KB 2653959 was installed and something strange happen. Users couldn’t login to Citrix and they got the following error. ' Error' Cannot Connect to the Citrix Presentation Server Protocol Driver Error Note: The system was running Windows 2003 server with presentation server 4.5. To solve this problem. You have to do the following:. You have to remove KB2653956 for Windows Server 2003 x86.

After this you have to reboot the server. Request a Hotfix KB958476 for WIndows Server 2003 x86 ( ). Install the Hotfix KB958476 for Windos Server 2003 x86.

Citrix Receiver Unable To Connect

Reboot the server. After the reboot install Hotfix KB2653956 for Windows Server 2003 x86 ( ). Reboot the server When you have done this test with mstsc ( RDP ) if the connection worked again correctly.

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