Enable Keyword Filtering In Tweetie For Mac

  1. Enable Keyword Filtering In Tweetie For Mac

Tweetie for Mac users have been able to activate keyword filtering for more than a year using a. For all those who prefer a graphical interface to a command line hack, however, is here to help. Developed by and available for free, TweetiePrefs lives in System Preferences and allows you to easily create, delete and activate filters for Tweetie. Every time you'll create or delete a filter, you'll have to relaunch Tweetie for changes to take effect. Works fine, and it's easy to use. Airserver core keygen for mac.

Enable Keyword Filtering In Tweetie For Mac

Give it a try.


It has per-column tweaks, too; set media-thumbnail sizes, toggle audio on or off, and enable desktop notifications for each column. You can also set up column-by-column filtering using a variety of content, username, and media-attachment criteria. Transport Layer filtering — enables you to isolate inbound and outbound Transport Layer message traffic for IPv4 and IPv6 transports, by using the WFP Layer Set filters. Fast filtering — enables you to filter messaging traffic based on IPv4 address, IPv6 address, TCP port, and UDP port values.

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