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It supports common EPUB format (EPUB 1.0, EPUB 2.0, EPUB 3.0), other special EPUB formats (eg:Adobe EPUB,NOOK EPUB books), and even converting EPUB to two common Kindle formats (MOBI,AZW). Both the formats MOBI and AZW are supported by Kindle, but the displaying effect on different Kindle device (Kindle, Kindle Fire, etc) might be different. Convert EPUB to MOBI on Mac: It is very easy for you to convert EPUB to MOBI through it.

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For black-and-white Kindle device, MOBI format has better displaying effect. EPUB to Kindle Converter for Mac has especially optimized for Mac operation system. This optimization makes the converted MOBI keeps the same with EPUB on layout, image position and displaying effect. Convert EPUB to AZW on Mac: You can also convert EPUB to AZW easily on Mac operation system now. If you have new color Kindle device, the converted AZW will have better displaying effect on Kindle. No matter your Mac operation system is 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 or 10.9, the ebooks can be converted successfully and have the best conversion quality.

Use the Format window. It's possible to turn a text document straight into a digital ePub file using the guide in Step 8. But digital books are far more friendly if you format the text first.

Support all common EPUB file on Mac: EPUB is one of the ebook formats which is widely supported by e-reader devices. There might be difference on the ebooks that are provided by different supplier.

Ebook Author Software For Mac

This software can recognize different types of EPUB (eg:Adobe EPUB, Nook EPUB books) and convert it precisely to Kindle Books. It is different from other software, the file converted via this software is a standard Kindle book, and it almost can be recognized by all Kindle devices. How to convert EPUB to Kindle on Mac? First, you can open the EPUB book you want to convert and check if it can be read normally. If this ebook can't be opened or there are many text errors when you are reading, this ebook might be damaged. You can download it again to make sure that it can be converted to Kindle book completely.

Ebook Publishing Software Mac

Download and install EPUB to Kindle Converter for Mac. Only by opening the downloaded DMG file and dragging the program file to the folder of Applications, this software will start to install automatically. Double click the icon to start the program.

Then click 'Add' button to select the files you want to convert. You may also click 'Scan' button to make the program find these files automatically.

Epub Software For Mac

It is possible for you to add several files at the same time. Click 'Start' button to convert.

Ebook Author Software For Mac

All the converted files will be saved under Output folder in Mac system. If your files are converted successfully, you can transmit them directly to other device to read.

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