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Windows DVD Maker for Mac OS X, download best alternative solutions. ISkysoft DVD Creator provides you with various video editing utilities, brings you. ISkysoft DVD Creator for Mac; iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac is professional video to DVD burning software to convert popular video formats including. Dvd Creator For Mac Lion, Dvd Maker Mac, Free Dvd Creator For Mac. Original shareware library on the Internet, browse and download thousands of shareware, free to try and free programs for.

Dvd Maker Mac Free Download. Iskysoft Dvd Creator For Mac

ISkysoft DVD Creator for Mac is an awesome DVD tool designed to burn pictures and formats of non-DVD videos to DVDs, or package them to DVD Folders, ISO or even.dvdmedia files. Apart from making DVD, iSkysoft DVD Creator also offers a lot of editing features, enabling you to make your DVDs cool and fantastic.

Free Dvd Burner Mac

Installation Please make sure your iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac is well installed. After expanding( Double-click) the.dmg file, you need to drag iSkysoft DVD Creator icon to Applications folder or desktop. Create a DVD Launch the program, click Create a New Project to start. Please push Open an Existing Project button to load your existing project file if you have saved it before. Then you enter the main interface of iSkysoft DVD Creator. 2.1 Add files You can get the Media browser window after starting DVD Creator: On the main interface, you will see Media Browser button, and press M, SHIFT, COMMAND key on the keyboard will launch it. Click a tab to choose media file:( Photo, & Video).

Choose one of them in the Media list. Drag photo or video file to the List pane in the main interface of ISkysoft DVD Creator. Audio file won't be permitted to add to the main interface. The audio files can been background music while editing slideshows.

If you want to preview the effect, please choose a file in the list and double-click it or click Preview button or push Space key. Attention: It is easy to search Photo or Video with name, search Audio with artist, name or album. If you want to add files into the main interface. Please push the Add button to choose pictures, videos, or drag them into this appliation.

Drag the added files to Trash bin or click Remove button will remove them from the main interface. You will find every file will be a chapter in that DVD, you can push the buttons Up and Down to sort the file in the list.

2.2 Edit Videos Edit your files before burning them to DVD. Point to the video and an Edit button appears. Click the button and follow the use guide to edit the file. 2.3 Edit Slideshow To make slideshows, you need to add pictures, point to a picture, push the Edit button. Click that button and edit the picture in the pop up Edit window like the guidance below.

2.4 Add a DVD menu If you want to make it cooler, please add a menu to your DVD. Click Menu button, and you will find the menu editing tab easily.


Mac Dvd Software

2.5 Start burning Before burning DVD, you can click Play button to see the effect, it is easy to find the button on the main interface. To define the quality of your DVD, you can choose Best Performance, it will be perfect. You can choose one from 4 output types: dvdmedia, ISO File, DVD Disc and DVD Folder. It will depends on your source size for choosing D 9 or D 5, and then click Burn button to burn. Please input a new name for your DVD in the DVD Name box, you need to choose one in the drop-down list of Burn Disc in when you are using multiple Hard Drives. Please push the Burn button to choose other output types if you want, there are three types there, and then you need to click Choose button to locate the folder to save your output file. Tip: Please choose one TV Standard from these two: PAL or NTSC.

Best Dvd Maker For Mac

When the burning DVD finished, you can play it on your home or office DVD player at any time. Tip: You will find the Play movies in sequence without returning to the main menu option while clicking Preferences DVD Creator at the top menu, it will help you play the DVD in loop. Save the Project Click the File menu at the top menu, choose Save option or Save as option to save the project on your iMac or Laptop, and then you will find and open the existing project it by clicking Open an Existing Project button when you start this application next time.

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