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Being the user of Mac I can tell you it’s not that easy to make a shift from Windows to Mac. In the initial stages one finds it bit complicated. But then with the passing time, it makes you feel like you have made the right choice. Apple users are sure to agree with me on this.

The long list of amazing features make it the best bet. If you own a Mac system for the professional purpose and its the source of your living then you surely know the value of sparing out huge amount to own one as the Apple products come with a heavy price tag. The commendable performance, cool productive features, sleek smart design all blend well to make you feel the proud owner. Obviously I need not spare extra words to tell you all the way it enhances the productivity. Talking about the dashboard of Mac, you all know its the amazing one and the widgets are like ‘cherry on the cake’. There are lot many cool widgets but as you know ‘‘ is all about design so here I have listed down few cool widgets for designers and developers.

Believe me these widgets don’t ask you spare time if you wish to seek some help in between your important tasks. Users can simply check out their dashboard without having to close the windows or tabs.

Promising to enhance your productivity without any fuss these best Macbook dashboard widgets for designers and developers are simply superb. Best Mac Dashboard Widgets for Designers and Developers 1.

Dnactions Widget For Mac

If you are new to Mac OS X Dashcode then the Dashcode Tips and Tricks widget is sure to be the best bet. With powerful visual layout tools like code editor, debugger, and comprehensive package management, this widget promises to help a great deal. This widget helps you to calculate the relative font size and line height for your CSS document to let you align the content of your website. Code2HTML as the name hints is a widget that helps convert source code into HTML. Simply copy-and-paste the code in the widget and you are done.

Blindtext is a smart widget generates the Lorem Ipsum text by simply clicking the widget and pasting the text where you want. This widget enables Apple Developers get the ‘Apple Developers RSS’ feeds right in their dashboard. You can choose from over 26 feeds to display anyone of them. Now the Mac users can easily search for Flash components, turtorials, articles, and the flash community with Flash Components search widget. The Flash Components Network provides you with the online tools to simplify the extensions development and publishing process. Simply enter your search keyword and press your enter key and you will get the desired results.

Checkpoint 2.2 is a widget that calculates the brightness- and color-difference of two colors. The web designers and developers surely understand the use of this smart widget.

The overall calculation makes their task easier and speedier. With Screenshot Plus the designers can take full screen captures, portions of the screen, or desktop icons, and other widgets as per the need of the hour. Also, there is another feature of Screenshot Plus that is like cherry on the cake. It has a timer feature that automatically takes a screenshot after 10 seconds enabling you to set up the screen beforehand. This is the widget for the graphic designers for designing. The actual words produced by this widget are from a Latin text by Cicero which are of great help to the designers. The preferences are their on the back side of the widget. HTML Tidy widget enables you to clean up your HTML code directly from your Dashboard. You simply need to enter your HTML code and click Tidy It and you will see the formatted, valid HTML, XHTML/XML, along with the list of errors and warnings.

Loremify is one Dashboard widget that lets you wrap in html, specify the amount of text and copy it to your clipboard all this without any fuss. Simply click the widget and you are done. PHP Function Reference is a smart widget that provides you the fast lookup of information about the PHP web programming language that is helpful for web designing and developing. It’s a free widget that enables you to browse all of the schemes in the ColorSchemer Gallery that too without closing your tabs or making efforts to open one. Get it right there on your dashboard and enjoy the color scheme like a fine work of art. Click on the name of each color scheme to see the complete scheme in the gallery.

Prototype Reference is a simple dashboard widget that allows you to get quick and easy access to Prototype JavaScript Framework documentation. Like if you are looking for documentation on ‘Event’, you simply need to type event. How simple it sounds to be. CSS, HTML, and PHP are the tags that help designers and developers in their ventures.

Free Donation Widget

Tags CSS, HTML, and PHP Dashboard widgets have attributes, tags, functions and properties. Find your tags the easiest way with these widgets. Securityspy v.4.2.7 2018 for mac. FontSee is a dashboard widget that lets you preview sample text in fonts that are available on your system. You can either preview the fonts manually or by playing them.

Also it handles text pasted from the clipboard accurately. It rebuilds font database to catch fonts that have been enabled or disabled from your Mac. CSS Cheat Sheet for Mac OS X Dashboard is a widget that displays essential information from the CSS Cheat Sheet from Added Bytes. Free to use and licensed under the Creative Commons License, the CSS Cheat Sheet is a cool widget that will help you a great deal. Color Theory is a widget that helps you design your website. The sphere you can see uses basic color theory thereby automatically providing you with visually appealing colors.

Great tool for web designing. This widget take a screenshot of web pages no matter how long a page may be. You no more have to worry about joining multiple screenshots to present your design. Its perfect widget for designers who are looking for the easiest and fastest way of saving the design pages without having to bother about the length of the design. Colour Mod by Sabotage Media enables users to select whichever color they wish to. If you are familiar with Photoshop you surely can make out that the Colour Mod’s functions are same as Photoshop’s color picker. Dedicated to the graphic designers an web designers, this cool widget comes fully loaded with features.

Users can search through endless color swatches, view characters and keyboard, sample colors on-screen, convert fractions/decimals/units of measure, calculate file sizes, and much more with this small widget that sits on your dashboard and does wonders. If you are a newbie then Foo is the right choice when it comes to picking the best widget for your dashboard. You all can use it as best practices guide to writing widgets. Also, it helps in cutting down on development time and keeping the codes organized.

PHP Cheat Sheet is a widget that displays valuable information from the popular PHP Cheat Sheet in widget form. Users can select various types of info from the ‘Pick One’ menu and get the useful information.

The best part is that it’s free and licensed under the Creative Commons License. As the name gives the idea, this cool widget helps summarize most of the Git commands and syntax of used in daily development workflows besides filtering commands according to the topic. Java Doc helps you quickly access the local Java API.

All you need to do is type a class name and it its java doc opens in a browser window. Besides, it searches latest java doc path, and removes java doc files quarantine.

For the developers who use CSS, this dashboard widget is the best pick. HSLider widget uses HSL sliders and plain ol’ text fields thereby tweaking colors. Simply copy your new color as valid CSS in just one click.

This is a widget that enables you to enter a color in hex, preview it and shade it without changing the hue. Perfect widget for designers and developers. Its an interactive widget that enables designers and developers try out regular expressions for JavaScript and other languages like Sed, Ruby, or Perl.

With simple and user-friendly interface, case insensitive switch, global switch, and match index array view it becomes the best bet. Github is a widget from New Leaders. It delivers a feed of last 30 days of commits to public code repositories. It is perfect widget for social code hosting.

This is Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Dashboard Widget that is designed keeping in mind the need of designers and developers of quick reference tool for Ruby programmers.The widget displays RDoc generated API documentation from any web source. Users simply need to provide the URL to one of the RDoc repositories on the web and they will have all its documentation readily available. TheDashcode includes tutorials, tips and tricks, Dashcode news, design templates and the list goes on. With this widget you can improve upon your productivity. If you have problems with tableless web development, DOM spacing and WYSIWYG programs then Super Rule is one good choice. Guve it some space on your dashboard and enjoy the ease with which you can precisely measure the spacing of your graphics in any web browser. How cool does that sounds to be.

Personally, these Mac Dashboard Widgets for designers and developers have left me in awe with how with their cool features each of these promises to provide you nothing but the best. Do share your views with us by dropping in the comments below.

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