Create Beautiful Pdf Worksheets In Pages For Mac


Hello good people of 2015. I want to share with you something that will hopefully be useful in the new year as you tackle some new business goals (such as: creating and selling digital products).

By the way, this is free. One of the questions I get most is: “How can I create worksheets or eBooks that look professional?” or “What software do you use to make your workbooks?” Well, I had a live webinar the other night that was a video training of how to make PDF downloads for your audience using (yeah–it’s so old school you have to buy a disc–but it’s so good though, and a lot of the tips will apply to the new app version of Apple Pages as well). I use the ’09 version because it has more awesome features for publishers than the new one. The recording of the webinar is available at the bottom of this post. In the recording, you will receive a template (like the one above) that I will show you how to create during the webinar. Desiree, Thank you for your comment.

Create Beautiful Pdf Worksheets In Pages For Mac

I appreciate that you checked out the video. In answer to your questions: (1) Yes, you’d want to see the page sizes and requirements of printing companies, then calculate prices based on size, and make your decision from there.

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Fl studio asio driver for mac. Be sure to configure and start the jackd BEFORE launching FL Studio. If not in your Distros Repository, get jackd source here: If not in your Distros Repository, get qjackctl source here: Get the wine-dev files here: For a decent jack interface get the qjackctl package. It will provide you with the jackd sound server deamon (if your distro solves dependencys automaticly, other wise you have to get jackd seperate) and a jack interface.

  1. How to create a single pdf from multiple worksheets, using Macro I have created a workbook that has 15 worksheets. I want to set it up so that clicking one 'Finish' button runs a macro that creates a single pdf document from 10 of the worksheets (ie sheet numbers 5 - 14).
  2. So, Pages is the application I’ve been using for the last seven or more years to create beautiful worksheets and PDFs for my business. I get asked all the time where I create my PDFs, who I have create my PDFs, how I do it, and this is the answer to that question.

Create Beautiful Pdf Worksheets In Pages For Mac Free


As in, does 8x8in cost more to print than 8.5×11? (2) When you export the PDF it does not have built-in editing capabilities. You’d have to use a separate program like Adobe Acrobat (or some such software) to add editable fields that people can fill out on their computers.

Otherwise, people can just print your docs and fill them out by hand. Thank you again for commenting.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Once you create your pages, does it matter which file type you pick? Is E pub better than a pdf file etc? I mainly be offering my ebook on my website but will also try other big sites. Is PDF the way to go for most of the other sites or does it not matter?

I am in the process of converting my original Spanish worksheets into online worksheets. I am a bit torn as to how to go about it The worksheets will include mini lessons and answer keys. I don’t know if I should make the user work on the worksheets online-like an interactive online worksheet or have them be able to print them and do them at home. I don’t know what do you suggest?

I think offering them the choice is important but don’t know what would actually be best and if there are any issues I need to consider. I appreciate any advice you can give on this!


🙂 Gracias muchacha! Thanks so much Eos! This video was so helpful. I just wanted to let you know that I saw as I was playing around that you can actually create multiple lines of text without having to create separate form fields in one text box.

Just select the entire area that you want your text to go, right click and select object properties, then click the multi-line box voila! This allows you to have multiple lines of text as opposed to creating separate form fields in each hopefully this makes sense. Thanks for a great tutorial!

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