Complete List Of Keyboard Shortcuts For Outlook 2016 For Mac

Outlook 2016 shortcut keys

Hey guys, if you are reading this it means you are probably a shortcut freak like me. Actually, keyboard shortcuts are cool. They help you navigate easily around your PC and get things done without clicking much of the mouse. However, one major challenge you may have is how to memorize these keyboard shortcuts to be able to implement them.

Complete list of keyboard shortcut for outlook 2016 for macro

In today’s post I will show you how to display all keyboard shortcuts available for Microsoft Word. To do this we’ll use a built-in macro. This macro is present in Word 2003 and above, but the steps below use Word 2016 as the example. ALSO SEE: HOW TO SHOW ALL KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS IN MICROSOFT OFFICE WORD 1. Navigate to the View tab in MS Word. Click Macros View Macros. Change the dropdown for the macros location to “Word commands.” 4.

Complete List Of Keyboard Shortcuts For Outlook 2016 For Mac

Outlook Online Keyboard Shortcuts

Type “ListCommands” in the Macro name field. Leave the selection “Current keyboard settings,” since the “All Word commands” option generates commands that don’t have keyboard shortcuts. Word will quickly create a table of all of its keyboard shortcuts, which you can save for future reference or perhaps edit to highlight the ones most useful to you. That’s it, quite easy right? Feel free to ask any questions you may have using the comment box.


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Complete List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlook 2016 for Mac Knowing some common keyboard shortcuts when working in Outlook 2016 for Mac can be a time saver. When Microsoft introduced Outlook 2011 for Mac, many of the commands you were accustomed to in. The following table shows frequently used shortcuts in Outlook 2016 for Mac. ⌘ + S Save an item ⌘ + P Print an item ⌘ + Z Undo the last action ⌘ + Y Redo the last action.

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