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It's reasonable to bet that there will be another Apple Special Event in October. You can't be certain, but it's reasonable.

Checkout is a powerful, easy to use point of sale system for the Mac. Use Checkout to take orders, make sales, print invoices and accept payments. Checkout records all in-store transactions to generate a range of interactive reports. Wanted to thank you for your support on an issue in Mac Pos I had the other day, I purchased MacPOS back in 1985 and am still using it daily to run my screen printing business, I don’t use it to it’s fullest, just the basic invoicing, P.O.s and sales reports.

What's not reasonable is just how much people are assuming will be in it. If you're waiting for a radically redesigned iMac, an incredibly powerful Mac mini, cheap MacBooks, plus an early release for the 2019 Mac Pro then, well, you've forgotten all the iPads that we're supposed to be getting too. And new AirPods. Plus, a cheaper HomePod. Apple is a big company but it can't change so many things at once and, more, it's a very smart company so it simply won't.

You've seen how the arguably stole the limelight from the new iPhones this month. Apple won't ever deliberately do that.

Plus, there's the whole logistical issue. The iPhone will command a giant portion of quick shipping from China. In fact, most of the first two weeks of consumer's orders will come direct from the factory.

For logistical reasons alone, it's not reasonable for Apple to have launched new everything in September. Plus, why command the tech press cycle for one month, when you can do it for two? Instead, this is when, and how, and probably what we can expect to see from Apple in October. When and How We're saying it's reasonable to expect Apple will have an October event because there's evidence in the supply chain that new iPads and Macs are on their way. That doesn't mean they'll definitely come in October, though —and it's far from definite that there'll be a Special Event at all. Detail from Apple's 2014 October invitation Whatever Apple's bringing out next, it might release them without a presentation or Special Event at all. There could be just a press release one morning, like the company did with the MacBook Pro, and some happy faces at an Apple Store that afternoon.

This time it seems likely to be an event given the volume of whaat we're hearing. But we're cautious because while Apple has had September events for six years, it has only had just over half that many October ones. There wasn't one last year, for instance, nor in 2015. Apple has been having October events since 2011, though, and from the dates of those we'd expect a 2018 one to be in the fourth week of the month. Apart from 2011's very early October 4 event, none of the rest have been sooner than five weeks and two days after their corresponding September launches.

The longest is seven weeks and one day: that was the last such October event in 2016. That 2011 event throws any statistics out: its main launch was the iPhone 4s with Siri.

If we only go from 2012 onwards, though, we can see clearer trends. Specifically, at those four October events —2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016 —there were three MacBook Pro refreshes. There were two iMacs. Then three iPads plus three iPad minis.

Forget what we believe is coming and definitely forget what we'd like: think instead about what market Apple will be aiming for in October. It's a little late for academia but not too much.

And it's bang on target for Christmas buyers. Detail from Apple's 2016 October invitation Revamped, revised iPads with thinner bezels and FaceID are the things that are going to sell in the highest numbers this Christmas. Mind you, Apple has a poor track record for actually delivering on Christmas demand. The AirPods, the HomePod and the AirPower were all due out in time for a Christmas rush and failed to appear in time.

Cheap MacBooks Apple has just conned us all into: this company does not do inexpensive. What it might do, though, is a little less pricey. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who got September's iPhone details right,. What's not at all clear is what the revamp might be. Except that the MacBook Air is currently the cheapest Mac notebook and its replacement is expected to keep to that price or lower. Audio AirPower could still make an appearance —nothing's impossible —but it seems unlikely. That's one we'd expect to see launched with a quiet, even apologetic, press release and certainly not a 'One More Thing' fanfare.

Or, Apple will ship about six of them on December 31, like it did the 6,1 Mac Pro and declare victory. Similarly, there is another product that Apple promised which we haven't seen yet —a revamped AirPod charging case. The only new feature of this, that Apple has told us about, is its ability to charge wirelessly on the AirPower pad. No AirPower, no AirPod charging case. Then if we don't get that new chase then it might be reasonable to expect that we won't see revamped AirPods at all. However, this is surely the most-Christmas-enabled Apple product. The company's had two years to get its AirPod manufacturing working at full speed so maybe this is its time.

Plus there have been or perhaps health features such as a heart rate monitor. Maybe those reports were really misdirected and referred to the new health options of the Apple Watch but Apple does definitely have a thing now for remarkable health features. And things you stick in your ear seem ripe for exploiting biometric information for us. And, after missing the 2017 holiday sales period, this will be the HomePod's first Christmas. It doesn't seem that likely that a new model will be released before then, rumors or no. IMac 4K and iMac 5K Again, this is about what's likely and not so likely at a possible Special Event in October. It's not about what what will ever come from Apple.

We haven't heard a lot about a new iMac, but Kuo believes the iMac is about to get a 'significant display-performance upgrade.' Some are taking this to mean that the iMac will lose its distinctive chin and go edge-to-edge display.

That would be very nice, thank you, but it would also make the regular iMac significantly better than the iMac Pro in at least that one way. It seems unlikely that Apple would undermine the iMac Pro design at the same time it's using that to plug a gap before the Mac Pro launches next year. So we're expecting that the iMac display-performance update will be that the screen is improved to a 120Hz refresh rate. That would definitely be welcome but even Apple would struggle to stretch that into a Keynote presentation. As big a change as it could be, it's something that feels likely to be treated as a spec bump and so get only a press release launch. Mac mini The Mac mini is a small machine with a big history and is surely one of the very most significant Apple products ever made —but try telling that to the iPad-buying audience. These Special Events are meant to be showcases of what Apple wants to sell the most of.

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We're going to get an October event, but it will be about the iPad and maybe nothing else. You know this, really. Every Apple event now goes through the same cycle. Whether it's a March education event, a WWDC, a September or now also the October events, everyone predicts so much except the one thing you can be sure of.

Which is that in the lead up to the event, there will be rumors of every single possible Apple product under the sun. Some of it will be substantiated by AppleInsider-style reporting on supply chain evidence but most will be wishful thinking. There's nothing wrong with that. Except that it means inevitably —inevitably —Apple's event is a let down. This is the peak moment for Apple-is-doomed reporting, too, as what it did release is rubbished by some quarters and others decry the company for not releasing what it never said it would. Detail from Apple's 2013 October invitation Remarkably quickly, though, this all turns into how no, it's actually Apple's next event that is going to have every possible product under the sun. None of us have actually received the new devices we ordered after the September Special Event.

Let's enjoy those when we get them. And let's look to what we need now, what Apple makes now. Although we possibly won't buy an iMac for about seven weeks and one day yet. Keep up with AppleInsider by downloading the for iOS, and, Twitter and for live, late-breaking coverage.

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There are more Americans eating out than cooking at home today. And the trend isn’t slacking off for the next few years, or so it seems based on the. That’s good news for restaurant owners. Technology can further fuel this growth by improving how things are run behind the counter. In this article you’ll read about what we think are the 20 best POS systems for restaurants in the market today based on core features, restaurant management tools, ease of use and more.

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Top 20 POS systems for restaurants. Source: US Census Bureau Data Benefits of POS and restaurant management tools Running a restaurant, whether a quick service or fine dining, involves a lot of moving parts and cooking (the first thing that pops into your mind when it comes to managing restaurants) is only a part of the entire performance. Toast POS is one of the few providers of an Android POS system, which is said to be more suitable for restaurants due to the flexibility and affordability of the Android infrastructure.

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Users can turn to the huge Toast community to share or receive best practice tips. The vendor offers a comprehensive look at its features. You can easily. Toast POS won our Expert's Choice Award for 2018 More than a POS system, Toast POS provides a comprehensive restaurant management system that streamlines front-end and back-office processes. It also integrates CRM to help you nurture customer loyalty.

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Likewise, servers can take orders on the fly. Using a system-enabled Android tablet, servers can process payments, print receipt or send it via email at tableside. Customizing the menu is also easy. You can set time-specific menu pricing, for instance, during happy hours, or configure different menu sets for online and offline customers. You can also set up menus for different subgroups. Other main functions include customer management, staff performance tracking, product mix reports to identify your best-sellers and a kiosk system for digital ordering at restaurants What makes Toast POS unique?.

Html5 wysiwyg editors for mac. BBEdit’s existence of more than 26 years is an enough proof that the developers are not going to let this die.

Among a few end-to-end restaurant management systems that support Android for tableside management. Provides a subscription-based pricing model based on the core software and also offers add-on modules such as loyalty programs, online ordering, and physical and digital gift cards. Offers bundled hardware with a one-time pricing option. Provides options to automate loyalty and discount program processflows.

Allows sending of daily email digests on key performance indicators to help owners and managers track staff performance and kitchen efficiency. Supports multiple check options 2. TouchBistro is one of the most used and popular iPad-based POS systems, which caters to both quick service and full service business of any size. It fits the processes and dynamics of restaurants, cafes and nightclubs, as well as food trucks, bakeries and fast casual.

The tableside POS enables staff to serve customers efficiently from showcasing the menu to order taking and to checkout and payment. The vendor offers a great free trial plan for those who’d like to try out the key features of the product first. You can easily. TouchBistro won our Best Restaurant Management Software Award for 2017 After testing dozens of POS systems we found TouchBistro a top-of-the-line EMV-compliant system that also integrates an end-to-end restaurant management system. We highly recommend TouchBistro as a key tool to growing your business by improving service, providing insights for better business decisions and, overall, increasing sales. Aside from tableside service efficiency, the system helps you with staff management and scheduling, menu management and inventory management using iPad-accessible tools.

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Its POS features help you transact faster while reducing manual error and increasing dining-counter-kitchen coordination with in-app communications. The software integrates various payment options for efficient receipt and expense management. It’s also quick to generate transactional reports like payment and refund totals, detailed credit card refund and detailed credit card reporting. The system also accommodates gift cards and loyalty deals.

Furthermore, TouchBistro provides versatile admin controls and customization tools. Menu items can be assigned to multiple ticket printers. You can also hide menu categories for breakfast, lunch and dinner or remove instantly unavailable items. Similarly, you have full security control of the system. Manage role and permissions, for instance, to restrict access to transactions or set alerts for reopened bill history or unsent items.

Aside from POS features, TouchBistro has robust reporting and remote management. You can save a lot of time from report preparation via CSV export or by using the custom templates for weekly, monthly or annual reporting.

Reporting features include sales snapshots, void reports by employee, detailed credit card payment reports and detailed shift reports. The system is also integrated with accounting functions, such as, CFDI support, tax reports and Bevintel reports. What makes TouchBistro unique?

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