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List of Best Android Emulator For PC and Mac 1. BlueStacks BluseStacks is always top of the list of best Android Emulator For Windows 10 and Mac. It’s based on Android 4.4 KitKat. The emulator is mainly targeted for gaming and is quite easy to set up. It comes with the BlueStacks optimized apps from its own app store.

Table of Contents. Nox App Player – Android Emulator For PC and Mac Latest Version Download Hello guys so once again a very warm welcome to our website for you. Today it is going to be something different.


This will not be a gaming blog but still this article about Nox App player will do wonders to you one you completely learn about it and understand how to use it in your device. This APP is developed. There are so many games on playstore and apple store about various topics. And every kid today is fond of playing these games and this is very important also because they play an integral part in the brain development of a child.

Every day so many new games with a different storyline, purpose is created by developers. But the problem is that these games can be played on smart phones only. And it is not suitable to play games on your smart phone all the day because of its small screen.

It can often create stress to your eyes and apart from this the real thrill of the complete game can be found on a big screen only. So then the question arises that is it possible to play the games available on smartphones also on Laptop and other devices? The answer is yes. And you would already have seen there are so many games that can be played on both smartphones and laptops. Developers create apk versions of the games to play the desktop games on smart phones.

But nowadays various kinds of emulators are very easily available on internet. These emulators enable you play the smart phone games on your windows as well as mac laptop. But the task is to find the best emulator which satisfies all the grounds that are required to be fulfilled. After a lot of research we finally came up to our answer and so we are sharing it with you people. The name of the Android emulator is Nox App Player. So in this article we will tell you the complete features of this emulator. This is the best android emulator in today’s date so you must use this.

We will provide you with the download link for the latest version of this emulator so that you can play your favorite game on big screen. And apart from this we are providing this to you completely free of cost. So what is stopping you from downloading this.

Just a click on the download button and a few seconds of installation process and your work is done. Nox App Player free downloads: We are providing you with the download link for the latest version of Nox App Players emulator which is trending in the market. The link that we are providing you is the original link that was launched by the developers on the web. And this version has many new updated features than the previous one which makes it more useful. The download link that we are providing you is the Nox App Player 6.1 version.

This has a new update of having android menu button on the right sidebar. The download version ( Nox Download) for mac users is put below and be careful about your operating system as well as download link. It is possible to download the application along with having the previous version. There is a definite option for over writing the new version on the previous version. But you need to keep an account of your backup because over writing will simply erase all the data. To get a better performance of this Nox player on your device, we advise you to enable VT of your computer. Nox emulator Features of Nox App Player: Although this Nox emulator is just full of amazing features but some are needed to be highlighted so that you can use this Noxplayer emulator upto full potential.

One of the best features is of the solved black glitches. That too they are solved in all the games. For Russians, language has always been an issue for the purpose of input. But now you problem of capital letters is solved. Macro recoreder is not an issue anymore.

Available in online as well as offline mode. Nox App Player is one of the best applications for the purpose of installing clash of clans, Shadow fight 2, Candy crush on your PC or laptop.

You can run this Nox Android emulator in two ways, offline as well as Online. In online installer only a few files are downloaded to hard disk with the rest being downloaded during the install process. The problem is that if connection is lost the setup fails.

So a good internet connection is very much required. In offline mode all the files are downloaded to the hard disk so there is no requirement for any internet connection for installation process. Related Content. Note that this emulator runs on Windows10/7/8/8.1/XP as well as Mac Laptop. You have to follow the following steps to run this Nox Android emulator. Download the setup from the link provided above. before installation save the backup.

Click on the install button and accept all the agreements. The installation will take a few seconds.

Add your google account. If you don’t have one create a new one FINAL WORDS So guys after working hard someone developed such a useful emulator but still there are some people who try to fool the public by launching fake download links in the name of Nox Android emulator. We advise you to download this ( Nox Download) from our site only as this is a trusted site and every member of our team is well recognized all over the web. And our previous hacks and apk’s are also very much liked by the people. You can see their response on the blogs and articles. Enjoy this Noxplayer emulator and play all the games.

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Do you want to run Apps, Games on your Mac or Windows 10 PC? Are you looking for any Android emulators? Yes, then there is no shortage of Android Emulators today. There are lots of reasons why someone might want to use Android Emulators on your pc. Android developers may be trying to debug their app right onto the desktop, Maybe Gamers want to play specific android games on a large screen and want to use mouse and keyboards on their games. So, now you see lots of uses of emulators, it might be tempting to try one.

Note that few of them are some of these emulators require some technical knowledge. Table of Contents. List of Best Android Emulator For PC and Mac 1. BlueStacks BluseStacks is always top of the list of best Android Emulator For Windows 10 and Mac.

It’s based on Android 4.4 KitKat. The emulator is mainly targeted for gaming and is quite easy to set up.

It comes with the BlueStacks optimized apps from its own app store. An earlier version of BlueStacks was kind of bloated, called Bluestacks 3, came out in 2017. It’s not cleanest version out there, which supports but does not go with gestures and also it has the ability to more than one instances so you can play multiple games at a time. A major drawback of this emulator is that it gets sluggish in productivity apps.

If you try free version then the sponsored ads make the emulator lose behind the other free android emulators. But you can use a premium version for ads free experience and priority support.

Its current version is based on an Android Nougat. Why use BluseStacks?. Easy to setup.

Play Multiple games at a time. Latest Android version Why not use BluseStacks?.

Classic Mac Emulator

Sluggish in productivity apps. Irritating sponsored ads in the free version 2.  Muscle car chevelle hd wallpaper for mac. Remix OS Player Actually, Remix OS player is a jide technology product, a company formed by former employees.

This is a nothing like the other Android emulators, it is an operating system based on the Android x86 project. This is the best android emulator for windows 10 and mac, but there’s is another simpler ways so you can install Remix OS without annoying process of installing it. You can put Remix OS player in any USB device and boot from there to any PC.

Remix OS is fast and efficient and You can install it on an old PC laying around. This is a free Android Emulator For PC Mac based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Remix OS is good for productivity app but doesn’t support heavy gaming, some AMD chipsets and also requires “” enabled in your BIOS.

It supports Google play stores, so you can download games and apps with no extra setups. Fan of? Well, you can perfectly run this Android game on your PC, bigger screen! Why use Remix OS Player?. Android OS experience. Simple Installation. Fast and efficient. Good for a productivity app Why not use Remix OS Player?.

Doesn’t supports heavy games and some AMD chipset. Requires “Virtualisation Technology” 3. Nox Player Nox player is another one fast and slick android emulator for windows 10 and mac which is based on Android 4.4 KitKat version. It’s especially targeted Android games, includes utilities and additions that are specifically catered to helping gamers.

It is suitable for playing massive games like “” and “ Justice League“. You can specify the no. Of the CPU cores, FPS or the amount of RAM you would like to assign to NOX in the setting option. If you problems with some games, you can switch between two graphics rendering modes, DirectX or OpenGL. NOX comes with inbuilt support for Google Play Store and there is also an option for drag and drop APK installation is them. It also comes with Rooted versions of Android and multiplayer features let you run multiple tasks of android at the same time. It has one drawback that is it put a lot of the load on the system.

ARChon Developer Vladikoff made ARChon, which is the first Android emulator which supports Google Chrome OS! It’s not a big shot Android Emulator, and nor it has the most fan following. It can only use for a fix to run Android Apps on Chrome OS. You can install ARChon into Google Chrome, has the ability to run Android apps on Chrome OS, but it’s not an easy emulator to get running. You will have to installed ARChon Runtime Package/Extension installed on Google Chrome.

ARChon is also comfortable with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Why use ARChon?.

Support Google Chrome OS. Good for productivity apps Why not use ARChon?. Not an easy emulator. Not suitable for heavy gaming 7. Genymotion Genymotion is the fastest Android Emulator for apps testing and presentation, it’s mostly for developers but of course, you can use it for personal use, too.

This Android emulator is compatible with Android SDK and Android studio. Genymotion also offers cloud-based online emulator, you can try within in your browser. However, you have to contact them and request for private access. Developers generally used Genymotion, it is equipped with lots of developer-friendly features. It might be the not a good choice for gaming users. Before downloading, you need to sign up for an account, you have to enable the “virtualization technology” in your BIOS and Download and installed VirtualBox. You can choose to install any Android version from Android 4.4 KitKat to Android 7.0 Nougat, this is one of the best benefits of Genymotion.

Why use Genymotion?. Fastest Android Emulator.

Has lots of developer-friendly features. You can use any Android version Why not use Genymotion?. Not for gamers. Need to install Virtual Box 8.

Android Studio Android Studio is the Google-approved development (Integrated development environment) for Android, especially for developers. This Android Emulators can simulate Android devices so that you can test your application and games on a variety of devices and Android API levels without needing to have each physical device You can simulate different networks speed, phone calls, and text messages, simulate rotations and other hardware sensors and also access google play stores and many more. This emulator not for general usages and playing heavy games. Android Studio comes with predefined configurations for various Android mobiles, Android TV, Wear OS, and tablets.

The android emulator required SDK Tools 26.1.1 or higher, Windows: CPU with UG (unrestricted guest) support and HAXM 6.2.1 or later. Why use Android Studio?. Google Approved development IDE. You can test a variety of apps and games Why not use Android Studio?. Not for playing heavy games.

Not easy Installation process 9. LeapDroid LeapDroid is a famous Android Emulator that was acquired by Google last year and eventually shut-down, but if you want to download, you can download from other sources. It’s comfortable with windows. This Android Emulator is based on the Android 4.4 KitKat version and comes with all the Android Open Source Project apps like browser, music, camera, etc. It comes with full support for Google Play store so you can download any apps and games, also you can directly installed APK from PC. Other than it comes with screenshot tool, Full-screen mode support, and you can choose graphics rendering modes mode between.

The hardware interfaces of the mouse and keyboard come into use of any kind of function like navigations to playing games on your PC in the emulator. Furthermore, users can also adjust visuals according to the preference, for the COC game user can zoom in to view and of course zoom out the view. 10.Xamarin Xamarin is the IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

This Android player help to debug, simulate, demo or run Android apps in a fast and hassle-free environment. It is similar to Android Studio and comes with a built-in emulator for developers. It offers Multi-touch, location, driving simulations, accelerometer, screen orientation, SD card, battery, GPS, camera, audio or keyboard. And you can install apps by drag and drop on to the emulator. Why use Xamarin?. Fast and hassle free.

Simplified Maintenance Why not use Xamarin?. Large app size. Not suitable with heavy graphics. Andy Android Emulator Andy Android emulator offers the rapid and intuitive user interface, a feature to seamlessly sync applications to pc from a smartphone, which is used as a remote. Push notification for communication application and the unlimited storage it provides.

It works on Windows and Mac too. There are many drawbacks of this emulator that is it requires VirtualBox to install it firgraphics formingaphicsforming graphic card, it runs on Android Jelly Bean 4.2 only and can’t take a screenshot. Why use Andy Android?. The rapid and intuitive user interface. Helpful keyboard shortcuts Why not use Andy Android?. Buggy.

Slow performance Also Read. 12. Jar of Beans Jar of Beans has a simple and straightforward downloading process and installation. Has high-quality resolution and work well on all windows platforms. It’s free to download.

This emulator based on based on Android jelly bean 4.2 hence it has compatibility issues with other Android versions, it has no camera integration, no multi-touch screens does not support developers and only available for Windows OS. Why use Jar of Beans?. Simple Installation.

High resolution Why not use Jar of Beans?. Not compatible with latest android versions. No camera integration. No multi-touch screen. Only for windows. LDPlayer Similar to many other Android Emulators such as Nox Player, Bluestack etc.

LDPlayer also gives you the best Android gaming experience or android applications on your Windows PC. The Emulators compatible with Android 5.1 and above version, this stable and smooth. It is similar to Nox Player. LDPlayer is fast speed, multitasking windows supports and perfectly compatible with all apps and games which are presents on Google Play Store. The Emulators has an intelligent control system, which allows you to play games with your mouse and keyboard. With this emulator, gamers can experience android games on their PC with a large screen, No lagging, Stable quality, and easy control. Why use LDPlayer?.

Compatible with Android 5.1 and above. Gives you the fast speed, multitasking window support. Perfect compatibility with many games, applications.

Stable image quality and easy control Why not use LDPlayer?. The emulator does not have Google Play Store preinstalled, you need to manually install.

Mac Os 8 Emulator

LDPLayer comes with Chinese, but you can easily change the language after installation List of Some Android Emulators which are not active but you can download from other sources 14. Droid4X Droid4X is one of the best from Android Elumators for gaming, you can use it on your Windows PC or on a mac that offers Speed and the best performance you need to play while 3D quality Android games. You can experience the same performance that you get on while playing games on your Android mobile and tablets.

But this emulator is not active in development anymore, it was last updated on March 28th, 2016. So this could be buggy and unstable. Finding the installer for that is a little difficult, though. Why use Droid 4X?. Best for gaming. Best performance and speed Why not use Droid 4X?. Not updated. Buggy and unstable 15. AMIDuOS AMIDuOS is nothing less than the Android experience on your Windows Pc with all features that Android OS has to offers.

It runs fast, looks crispy and sharp and performs well. You can run all android apps available in the market on this emulator. It also supports key peripherals and sensors of the Windows hardware, including high-definition cameras, audio, and microphone. The sensor supports too. Why use AMIDuOS?. Fast and best performance. High definition camera.

Classic Mac Os Emulator

Sensor support Why not use AMIDuOS?. Not easy to adjust display modes Also Read. You Wave You wave is much similar to BlueStack and Andy OS emulator. It doesn’t support Android Kitkat 4.4, but it can run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich version. You can install apps from Google Play Store or by downloading and install.

But it despite some issues, but work OK. Its last update in 2016. Why use You Wave?. offers virtual SD cards Why not use You Wave?. Doesn’t support Android latest versions. Not updated KACOOL Triggers PUBG Mobile Controller Some List of PUBG Mobile Emulator For Windows PC 10, 7or Mac. Bluestacks (recommended).

NoxPlayer. MEmu. Tencent Gaming Buddy This was the list of Best Android Emulator For PC and Mac. You can choose any of this android emulators, according to your requirements whether you wanna use to run Android apps on your Windows PC or whether you’re a developer looking to test apps or playing Android games on your PC.

If I missed any of them, emulator, feel free to tell me in the comment box. And Stay tuned for next articles!!!

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