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  • Dec 5, 2012 - BenVista have launched a new version of their PhotoZoom software. Classic 5, which are available for both Windows and Mac platforms as.
  • The downloads below will automatically update your software in case you already have an older version of the same product installed. Note: PhotoZoom Pro 6 and PhotoZoom Pro 7 are not the same product, hence PhotoZoom Pro 7 is not a free upgrade to PhotoZoom Pro 6.

Benvista Photozoom Reviews

The program is created by BenVista (whose official website can be found at under the license:gratis and with support for Mac and higher. About the popularity of the app, PhotoZoom Classic it appears as number 15776 in the overall ranking of Uptodown, and number 30 within its category.

Photo Zoom Pro 7- the image resizer Enlarging a photo isn't such a difficult task- what is difficult is to maintain the quality of the resulting photo. This is one of the few issues which applications like Photoshop have been trying to deal with for years. Moreover if your job involves regular scaling up of images then you would surely do better with a specialized image enlargement software such as Photo Zoom by BenVista.

Photo Zoom makes use of its unique technology developed by S- Spline XL to perform the task of image enlargement and image resizing. This simple and easy to use application which comes with a rather overstuffed interface would give the users plenty of tools for zooming in and changing the size of any given image. When you open your image with the help of this software you will be able to flip, rotate and crop the picture till you get the optimum size.


How to use BenVista's Photo Zoom to enlarge/resize a picture without affecting the quality You can easily enlarge an image on Photo Zoom without hampering the picture quality. Just follow the given step by step instructions to successfully enlarge a picture on PhotoZoom Pro 7. Step 1: Start the Photo Zoom Pro 7 application and import the picture you want to enlarge. The picture can be either directly dragged to the preview box or you can add the picture with the open button. On opening an image on PhotoZoom Pro you will be able to view all sorts of info about the image like its resolution, file size and if it is in the CYMK or RGB format.

Step 2: Setting a new size for the image The next thing you need to do is set the size of the resulting image. For this you need to set the resolution, height, width and aspect ratio for the picture.

Now you need to select the new resolution and size of the picture and the software would automatically enlarge the picture for you. The navigation box on the top left of the application would allow the users to preview all the various parts of the image.


Step 3: Selecting the resize method for resizing the picture Now that you have set the desired height width and resolution of the picture, the next thing you need to do is choose a resize method for resizing the picture. The Photo Zoom Pro 7 app makes you of the S-Spline resize method by default.

However the user is allowed to select from as many as 11 different resize methods such as S- Spline Max, Bicubic, Lanczos and many more. Each preset has a number of options with which you can tweak the resulting image. Apart from them you will also get a batch processing mode which allows you to resize the image folders. This app works great with iPhoto libraries as well.

Out of all the available presets S-Spline Max is surely your best option since it gives you resized pictures which are good to look at. Recommend if you want to crop your video footage.

PhotoZoom Classic 4 is specialized in enlarging digital images while preserving quality. Equipped with BenVista's patented S-Spline technologies, this software easily surpasses alternative solutions such as Photoshop's Bicubic interpolation.

Features & Ease of Use: This software is extremely easy to use. It comes with handy presets that are specially designed for different types of photos and graphical images. In addition, you can manually fine-tune the sharpening settings.

That way your images will never be too sharp, and never too soft. The large preview window instantly gives you a preview of the end result, which makes it a piece of cake to determine the optimum settings for the given image. Also very convenient is the new crop function, which allows you to select and resize a specific portion of the image. Ideal for spectacular close-ups.


The goal of PhotoZoom Classic is to offer a simple way to enlarge photos preserving quality and we can ensure that they have achieved it. Its interface is very simple and the results are very professional. It's very easy. You only have to choose the image you want to resize and set the new size. You'll preview the results on the fly, so you can check the quality of the output image.

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PhotoZoom Classic 4 is specialized in.,.

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