Art Text 2 For Mac

Art Text 2 For Mac
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Telecharger Art Text 2 Mac

The Art Text application is intended for creating unique textual graphics by applying effects to text and vector shapes. The program is supplied with built-in styles (ready-made sets of effects). A collection of fonts comes with the boxed version.

Art Text for Mac is a vector design app for Microsoft's Windows platform. Quickly create sophisticated title art for Powerpoint presentations, logos, icons, web graphics, and buttons in an intuitive, easy-to-use touch interface. This app is a must-have for logo and web designers, teachers and students, small business owners, and anyone who has a knack for creativity.

Use the results in Powerpoint, Word, Publisher, and other design and DTP apps. Art Text for Mac is graphic design tool specifically tuned for lettering, typography, text mockups and various artistic text effects. Art Text for Mac Features: Shape Library and Vector Editor Take advantage of the library of over 110 fully customizable vector icons and shapes or draw your own using the powerful Vector Editor. Apply effects and fills to each of the shapes and combine them into complex objects thanks to Art Text's layer-based workflow and easy-to-use guides and layout tools. Shaders, Textures, and Gradients Art Text comes with a collection of customizable shaders and photo textures that you can use to fill objects. Also apply a radial or linear gradient with up to three colors and apply a shadow, stroke, or glow.

Shaders can be quickly customized by changing the color, bevel, light direction, and depth. Bend and Warp Text Make your Powerpoint presentations attract more attention by creating stylized headings for your slides. Using 20 different text transformations, you can bring text to life and give it a sense of motion and shape. Wrap text around objects and bend and warp it to your heart's content!

What can I design with Art Text? Stylized Titles Make presentations and brochures stand out. Logos Logos Share and design your corporate identity. App Icons App Icons Create an icon for your latest mobile application.

Art Text 2 For Mac Torrent

Buttons Buttons Design interface elements of apps and websites. Vector Illustrations Vector Illustrations Put together complex, icon-like illustrations. Note: The output is watermarked.

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