After Last Update Of Onedrive For Mac

  1. Onedrive Mac Client

The new OneDrive sync client lets you sync files from your OneDrive for. Screenshot of OneDrive in the menu bar on a Mac after finishing Welcome to Onedrive. The new OneDrive sync client will provide increased stability and an. After configuration, the application will allow you to access files. Would like to upgrade your Operating System, please contact the Service Desk at

Two days ago on December 14th a new production version of the new OneDrive Sync Client for both Windows and Mac were released. 1) Windows (Version 17.3.6720.1207) 2) Mac (Version 17.3.6720.1207) There is a link to download each client from the New OneDrive sync client release notes. In our estate we have user running Version 17.3.6517.0809 and are not sure if this update will remove the older GROOVE.EXE client and deliver the following capabilities: 1) the ability to Sync SharePoint site libraries.

2) the ability to sync data shared with you by someone else Has anyone yet rolled this out to you end users and how did you tackle this? We have a combination of unmanaged Windows 7 and managed Windows 10 clients and Macs (for which we already have a client update strategy) Cheers, Richard. Unfortunately, the link to the Windows version contained in, still points to version 17.3.6517.0809. It appears that it is not possible to download directly the bits of newer production releases (assuming that such bits are actually different from the bits of preview releases, which is not perfectly clear.). On the other hand, for all my regular (i.e. Not preview) users, yesterday the the latest OneDrive sync client (NGSC version 17.3.6720.1207) has been automatically downloaded and installed.

Onedrive Mac Client

4, 2017 (yesterday) I downloaded and installed the recommended update of OneDrive (version 17.3.6945) for mac. Since then OneDrive has been stuck on trying to sync.


When I update any files (create/edit, delete), OneDrive goes into sync, but doesn't seem to stop syncing! When I force OneDrive to stop (quit), and check my OneDrive folders on the web (through a browser), I find that all the updates have actually been done.

However the OneDrive MAC App still runs trying to sync. Those same files. An additional problem is that it is getting my CPU hot! OneDrive is utilizing almost constantly 95% of CPU resources.

So, I have ot shut it down. Any advice how to fix the problem? Maybe uninstall and install the previous version of the app (previous to version 17.3.6945 for mac? Canon bjc-5100 printer drivers for mac. Thanks in advance. OneDrive finally seems to be working again.

I followed all the steps above, but that didn't solve the problem. I wanted ot isolate whether the problem is in one of my files (unacceptable characters iin filename, zero size, etc.), or in the application itself and how it is configured on my mac.

So, I reset OneDrive one more time and re-connected my mac, and created a new test folder with only one file in it to see if it syncs. But it didn't. The same problem happened again where it was stuck in syncing. Next, I reset OneDrive one more time, re-connected my mac, but selected only one folder to sync out of the hundreds of folders that make up my whole OneDrive. It did the same thing, got hung up on syncing, but I left it this time and maybe after close to 20 minutes it started running and syncing that one single folder and FINISHED! I reset OneDrive again, reconnected my mac and chose all of the hundreds of folders as before. Again, stuck on syncing for about 10-15 minutes, then all of the sudden started working again and finished.

After Last Update Of Onedrive For Mac

I just did small changes on one file and this time it worked correctly and synced it within few seconds. I can't explain what happened, other than theorizing that this new version had to spend a long period of time ot get its counters/flags/status up to date and then start working again. For whatever this is worth, this is my explanation. If this is true, this version has a bug, and I don't know when it will re-appear agin. For now, I am ok with continuing my work as-is, and thanks Yoga for your support!

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