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The new version of was released for recently, and we keep getting questions from readers: Are Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC the same? If not, then what are all the differences between Lightroom 6 vs. Lightroom CC? So we thought it was time to write a new article about this topic.

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Here’s the answer, with the differences put simply: Lightroom 6 is the core program running on your desktop – the new version that follows Lightroom 5, with significant since LR5. Adobe is offering two options to customers, and the Lightroom 6 route is a perpetual license – basically standalone static software.

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In addition, trims and photos on your iPad combines with Photoshop Mix. All your changes will be synced, so you can enjoy your photos anywhere. And with the tutorials for all user levels, you learn new tricks quickly. In addition, trims and photos on your iPad combines with Photoshop Mix. All your changes will be synced, so you can enjoy your photos anywhere. And with the.

Lightroom Cc For Mac


The updates that Lightroom 6 users receive going forward will be for bug fixes and new camera and lens profiles only, but that Lightroom CC customers will receive on an ongoing basis. Lightroom CC 2015 takes Lightroom 6 and offers it via subscription together with access to integrated mobile apps (like ) and online services (like with unlimited online photo storage). Lightroom CC also gives you ongoing as soon as they are available – including the popular and functions, as well as the new feature and – none of which are in LR6.

Adobe like this: If you have Lightroom as part of a, you already have access to this upgrade. You can download right away, with no additional cost.

All of these updates are also available as part of the, where Lightroom CC comes together with Photoshop CC for just $9.99/mo USD. You can also of Lightroom 6 for $149 (“full” – for those new to Lightroom) or $79 (“upgrade” – for previous Lightroom customers). All upgrades from older Lightroom versions (LR1-LR5) can now only be (if necessary, change your region in the lower left corner).

Please note that this latter (standalone) version of Lightroom does not have access to any of the mobile or web workflows supported by Creative Cloud, and only Creative Cloud members receive ongoing feature updates. Dehaze and Boundary Warp Features Available in Lightroom CC The is already available in Lightroom CC 2015 (roll over or tap image).

Lightroom CC – Use the to fill out stitched panoramas. How often will Lightroom CC receive new feature updates?


Well, based on two years of experience with the other CC tools, we expect functionality will be upgraded about Also note that with this version, Lightroom is changing over to an annual cycle for major releases – so we should see Lightroom CC 2016 coming out next year, together with the other CC apps. (We don’t know and haven’t heard about a Lightroom 7 yet.) Importantly, the starts off as LR CC, but can easily be converted to LR 6 if that’s what you want to buy instead.

After you, the product branding will transform to Lightroom 6 and you will lose access to the mobile app and web features, as well as included future upgrades. To change the Lightroom CC 2015 trial on your system over a perpetual license, you would then after receiving your serial number. Finally, as with all other CC apps, you all the time to use this new release of Lightroom – whether you go with CC or 6 You can also share catalogs between Lightroom CC and LR6, or from older versions of Lightroom. And if you stop subscribing to Lightroom CC, you will continue to. Special: Legally download dozens of for a limited time! What Else You Get in Lightroom CC That’s Not in Lightroom 6 The gracious and ever-popular has a terrific free training series on – but here in these videos below, she covers what Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom Web are all about and how to use them: Related: Do you believe any of these? I’m hoping you can assist.

I am trying to install Lightroom 6 on one of my computers. I have run into an issue after I am asked to enter my Adobe ID where the program installs as Lightroom CC and not the standalone Lightroom 6. It seems that as soon as I enter my Adobe ID that I am signed into my Creative Cloud account. How can I avoid having that happen? When I install the Lightroom 6 file I am not provided any option to enter my serial number, it automatically defaults to Lightroom CC.

The computer in question has CS6 Design and Web Premium, Technical Communication Suite 5 and Technical Communication Suite 2015. I mention this as I am a Creative Cloud subscriber but it is NOT installed on the computer on which I am trying to install LIghtroom 6. Any assistance would be appreciated Thanks! Hi Laurie, here are the answers: 1. It’s up to you. Lightroom is available either way, via subscription or standalone.

Many people choose because it includes the gold-standard image manipulation tool in Photoshop CC (which used to cost $1000), as well as Lightroom CC – plus all ongoing upgrades are included. If you wish to learn how to best use Photoshop, here is a terrific resource: 2. You don’t need a constant Internet connection to use any Adobe CC applications (including Photoshop and Lightroom). That is a common misconception – see Myths #2 and #3 here: In other words, all the Creative Cloud desktop tools can work offline no problem.

Hello Collette, you can always, whether using Lightroom 6 or Lightroom CC. Product activation, however, depends on how many systems you already had the LR6 software installed on at the time the computer crashed You are allowed up to two activations per serial number: In any event, your serial number would not be permanently rendered invalid. With Lightroom CC, it’s not an issue at all because the subscription edition relies on your Adobe ID login to activate the software rather than a serial number. With CC, reactivation on a once you sign in. Welcome Duane, those are great questions.

Let’s see if we can answer them for you. You said have a perpetual version of Lightroom 6. That will not change regardless of what happens with the CC subscription. If you later decide to cancel the CC subscription, you can easily of LR6. Of course, any upgrades are sold separately for those traditional releases and not included as they are for Creative Cloud versions. The other point is about your catalog.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6

Normally when Lightroom releases a new major version, there are changes to the catalog format which are not backwards-compatible. Your catalog is updated to the new format moving forward, however it’s not possible to migrate your full catalog backwards – meaning, you couldn’t use a LR6-compatible catalog running on LR5. Similarly, if you move forward to Lightroom 7 (when it comes out) with your CC subscription, you may not be able to go backwards and use your LR7 catalog with your older copy of LR6. But wait, there is a potential workaround. While you can’t move entire catalogs back, usually you can move individual photos and their adjustments backwards to an older version of Lightroom. On how to do it.

Also, the Lightroom Team has thought about this. Even if your CC subscription lapses, you can continue to use many features of the last version of Lightroom CC that you have installed on your machine, for free, for life Check out how this works here: So no matter what, you will not lose access to your catalog. Finally, on your last question about video functionality in the full Adobe Photoshop.

Actually, Photoshop does have some pretty amazing new video capabilities of its own (that are built right in), but you can of course (also or instead) continue to use whatever else you have available. Here are more details and information on that: Hope that fully answers what you wanted to know, if not then just post back. Within any major version of Lightroom, all minor upgrades are free So if you purchased Lightroom 6, then Lightroom 6.5 or even version 6.12 are free to download. Basically, anything that’s 6.x. To get the most recent revision you are entitled to, try running “Update” from the Help menu – or you can direct download the updates.

The key difference between Lightroom 6 vs. Lightroom CC, as described above, is that Lightroom CC customers always get all upgrades free, even across major versions Lightroom CC subscribers also receive additional new features delivered in both the minor and major updates, that Lightroom 5 or 6 users do not (for example, the new, among others). When I discovered that I could not process my Nikon 850 images, I looked for a solution and came across Adobe’s excuses about the 850 and its lies about Lightroom 6. Its a shame Steve Jobs passed on, he detested Adobe and would have maintained a viable alternative. Adobe has been consistently lying about Lightroom and the upgrade options. Its business plan is clearly to push everyone to the more profitable CC plan – the post below from Adobe’s web site is a lie.

Its been nearly impossible to stay with 6, why not just admit that they are greedy jerks who are only providing one viable pathway for Lightroom’s user base. Why did you abandon the Lightroom standalone version?

TH: Customers are overwhelmingly choosing the Creative Cloud Photography plan as the preferred way to get access to Lightroom. We’re aligning our investment with the direction our customers have signaled over the last several years. Hey Eric, in order to be eligible for any Adobe upgrade pricing, you had to have had a previous version of a perpetual product (not subscription) In this case, that would mean Lightroom 1-5.

Photoshop And Lightroom Cc

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6.12 Cc For Mac

With subscriptions, ongoing upgrades are always included and available to you, so that has a different benefit. Note that, as described in the article above, Lightroom 6 has fewer features than Lightroom CC 2015 (a subset of the functionality) So, if you used any settings like in your Lightroom processing, then you will lose those adjustments if you downgrade from Lightroom CC to Lightroom 6. Also be aware that typically between major LR releases, the catalog file formats evolve and are not backwards-compatible So with the (which succeeds and replaces Lightroom CC 2015), the catalogs are not interchangeable with Lightroom 6 / CC 2015.

In other words, LR 6 (2015) the new LR 7 (Classic) catalogs.

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