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Mar 2, 2018 - Here are handy tips to select files on Mac. For example, then switch to the Icon view knowing your files will remain selected. The button while dragging over all of the files that you'd like to add to your selection. Add Tags and Comments via File Details When you select a file in Windows 7, you’ll see its details — size, the date of creation, etc. — in a section at the bottom. You can customize some of those details by adding tags, comments, etc.

Add and display file comments tips

I have a batch file that runs several python scripts that do table modifications. I want to have users comment out the 1-2 python scripts that they don't want to run, rather than removing them from the batch file (so the next user knows these scripts exist as options!).

I also want to add comments to bring to their attention specifically the variables they need to update in the Batch file before they run it. I see that I can use REM. But it looks like that's more for updating the user with progress after they've run it. Is there a syntax for more appropriately adding a comment? The rem command is indeed for comments. It doesn't inherently update anyone after running the script. Some script authors might use it that way instead of echo, though, because by default the batch interpreter will print out each command before it's processed.

Since rem commands don't do anything, it's safe to print them without side effects. To avoid printing a command, prefix it with @, or, to apply that setting throughout the program, run @echo off. (It's echo off to avoid printing further commands; the @ is to avoid printing that command prior to the echo setting taking effect.) So, in your batch file, you might use this: @echo off REM To skip the following Python commands, put 'REM' before them: python python No, plain old batch files use REM as a comment. ECHO is the command that prints something on the screen.

To 'comment out' sections of the file you could use GOTO. An example of all these commands/techniques: REM it starts here the section below can be safely erased once the file is customised ECHO Hey you need to edit this file before running it! Check the instructions inside ECHO Now press ctrl-c to interrupt execution or enter to continue PAUSE REM erase the section above once you have customised the file python ECHO Skipping some stuff now GOTO End python python python What can I say? Batch files are a relic of times long gone, they're clunky and ugly. You can read more. EDIT: modified the example a bit to have it contain the elements you are apparently looking for.

The:: instead of REM was preferably used in the days that computers weren't very fast. REM'ed line are read and then ingnored.::'ed line are ignored all the way. This could speed up your code in 'the old days'.

Further more after a REM you need a space, after:: you don't. And as said in the first comment: you can add info to any line you feel the need to SET DATETIME=%DTS:0,8%-%DTS:8,6%::Makes YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS As for the skipping of parts. Putting REM in front of every line can be rather time consuming.

Add And Display File Comments Mac Tips For Windows

As mentioned using GOTO to skip parts is an easy way to skip large pieces of code. Be sure to set a:LABEL at the point you want the code to continue.

SOME CODE GOTO LABEL::REM OUT THIS LINE TO EXECUTE THE CODE BETWEEN THIS GOTO AND:LABEL SOME CODE TO SKIP. LAST LINE OF CODE TO SKIP:LABEL CODE TO EXECUTE. Multi line comments If there are large number of lines you want to comment out then it will be better if you can make multi line comments rather than commenting out every line. The batch language doesn't have comment blocks, though there are ways to accomplish the effect. GOTO EndComment1 This line is comment. And so is this line. And this one.:EndComment1 You can use GOTO Label and:Label for making block comments.

Or, If the comment block appears at the end of the batch file, you can write EXIT at end of code and then any number of comments for your understanding. @ECHO OFF REM Do something. REM End of code; use GOTO:EOF instead of EXIT for Windows NT and later EXIT Start of comment block at end of batch file This line is comment. And so is this line. And this one.

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Putting comments on the same line with commands: use &:: comment color C &:: set red font color echo IMPORTANT INFORMATION color &:: reset the color to default Explanation:, so in this case color C is the first command and:: set red font color is the second one. Important: This statement with comment looks intuitively correct: goto error1:: handling the error but it is not a valid use of the comment. It works only because goto ignores all arguments past the first one. The proof is easy, this goto will not fail either: goto error1 handling the error But similar attempt color 17:: grey on blue fails executing the command due to 4 arguments unknown to the color command:::, grey, on, blue.

It will only work as: color 17 &:: grey on blue So the ampersand is inevitable.

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